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Summer Session

The Haggerty English Language Program (HELP)

Students and professionals from around the world come to learn English as a Second Language at the Haggerty English Language Program to meet their educational, professional, and personal goals. Our recognized high quality ESL program has a reputation for excellent teachers and small classes where students receive individual attention and make rapid improvement. We offer a 5-week intensive program of English language study in Summer Session 7 with students arriving on June 27 and leaving on August 4. Full-time students register for 8 units and receive a total of 125 instructional hours of ESL for the session. Courses include Integrated Skills Instruction at three intensive levels including Pre-Academic Purposes and TOEFL preparation. Students learn the skills of grammar, listening and speaking, and reading and writing. Acceptance to a degree program is not required to take these courses. Students have access to all services of SUNY, including recreational facilities, student activities, computer labs, and health care. Students can live on campus and have a full meal plan. Many fun and exciting trips are offered, including excursions to New York City and Woodbury Commons.

For more information, call 845-257-3595 or e-mail esl@newpaltz.edu. For our easy online application form, visit our program website at www.newpaltz.edu/esl To see what we look like, check out our colorful online brochure, which is available at www.newpaltz.edu/esl/brochure.