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Summer Session


Adding, Dropping or Withdrawing From Courses
Students who wish to add or drop a course may do so according to the deadlines listed in the Academic Calendar. Students may complete this process online at my.newpaltz.edu.

The following process should be followed to withdraw from a course:

  • Consider the financial and academic implications of withdrawing. Advisors are available to discuss the impact of withdrawing from a course.
  • Go to my.newpaltz.edu, select Registration, select Request a Course Withdrawal, select the course to withdraw, submit. An email will be sent to your instructor who must submit further information to Records and Registration. Students will receive a confirmation email.
  • A grade of F will be recorded for any student who informally drops a course without following the procedures.
  • The fee for withdrawing from a course on or before the liability deadlines in the Academic Calendar is $20. 


Auditing a Class

Registered students, faculty, staff, and alumnus of SUNY New Paltz, as well as persons over 60 years of age may audit approved courses without paying a registration fee. All others will be charged a non-refundable registration fee of $50. To audit a course, students must complete an Audit Form from Records and Registration and obtain the required signatures of the Department Chair, course instructor, and Academic Computing staff member. Auditors may not take examinations or receive a grade for the course. Online courses cannot be audited.


Billing Procedures
All charges are billed through students' my.newpaltz.edu accounts. Paper invoices are not mailed by SUNY New Paltz. For further information, please visit the Office of Student Accounts / Billing Information website.


Canceled Courses
Any course with insufficient enrollment is subject to cancellation. The College assumes no responsibility if a department is forced to cancel a course or change an instructor.


Registered students can request enrollment verification via my.newpaltz.edu. Instructions for requesting enrollment verification can be found on the Records & Registration / Proof of Enrollment webpage.


Change of Name or Address
Students must notify the college promptly of any name or address changes. Students wishing to change their name must submit a copy of one of the following documents: marriage certificate, divorce papers, legal separation papers, or court order approving the name change. Students can verify their address information in my.newpaltz.edu under My.Personal Records. Forms are also available through the following Records and Registration links: Address Change Form; Name or Social Security Number Change Form.


Fieldwork and Independent Study
Fieldwork courses are approved experiences by individual academic departments to enable matriculated students to enrich their academic program with applied work in their field of study. Independent study requires a student to pursue in-depth a particular area of interest not covered in the regular curriculum. Each college or school issues its own guidelines, and students should obtain guidelines from the appropriate dean's office.


Refund for Withdrawal

To receive a refund, you must submit your completed withdrawal forms to the appropriate office according to the dates in the Academic Calendar.

Except as noted, refunds are based on the liability dates in the Academic Calendar and must be requested in writing and sent to the attention of the Office of Student Accounts.

In all cases the College Fee is not refundable after the official first day of classes. All other fees follow the tuition liability/refund schedule. Insurance premiums are not refundable.

Room and Meal Plan refunds are at the discretion of Residence Life and/or Food Service Offices and requests should be sent directly to the appropriate office. There are no partial week housing refunds.


Transcript Requests
Information about how to order and pay for official transcripts can be found on the Records and Registration Transcript Request page. The cost for each official transcript is $10 per copy. If you have any questions, please call Records and Registration at 845-257-3100, email recreg@newpaltz.edu, or visit Records and Registration at Wooster Hall, Room 115.


Workload Limits for Summer
A student's semester workload is the combined total of the academic credits and registration units for which he/she is registered.

Matriculated and non-matriculated undergraduate students are allowed to register for up to 12-credits for the summer. Permission to exceed these limits is normally granted only in cases where a student has a 3.0 cumulative GPA or higher and is within a semester of graduation.

Matriculated graduate students have a 12-credit course limit. Non-matriculated graduate students must submit a Non-Degree Student Application to the The Office of Graduate and Extended Learning to register for classes. To learn more about non-matriculated graduate students, visit the The Office of Graduate and Extended Learning / Non-Degree Students page. Enrollment in some courses is restricted to matriculated students, and many have prerequisites. Contact the department offering the course for permission to enroll.