Summer Session

Technical Support

Hardware/Software Requirements

Most online courses at New Paltz are delivered through a web-based Learning Management System called Blackboard. Recommended Blackboard compatible browsers for Windows and Apple computers are:

**It is not recommended to attempt coursework on mobile phones or tablets, or when working in weak wireless signal areas**

**It should also be noted that Safari should not be used**

Accessing Blackboard

Your Blackboard username is the same as your New Paltz username and password. Learn more about your username and password. 

Blackboard will be accessible to students one week prior to the official start date of the semester, known as “Preview Week.” During this week students are expected to test their login, read the syllabus (if posted), and practice using Blackboard and their campus email (Hawkmail or Office 365).

Student Email Accounts

In 2021, the college begin transitioning student email accounts to Office 365 (Outlook).  This transition will happen in two stages: 

  • Beginning in December 2020, the College will stop automatically creating new accounts for students on Hawkmail. All new students who first matriculate or register in December 2020 or later will have their official College email on Office 365. 
  • Effective June 2021, the College will make Office 365 the default email for all students. All email sent to students from the College will go to Office 365. Mail sent to Hawkmail addresses will be automatically forwarded to their Office 365 accounts. 

If you are a student with an existing Hawkmail account, the following changes will go into effect in June 2021: 

  • The Hawkmail account for active students (i.e. <username> will be set to forward all mail to their Office 365 address (<username> 
  • The College will offer students the ability to migrate their existing mail from their Hawkmail account to their Office 365 account 

We will send reminders that this change is coming throughout the spring 2021 semester. These messages will include information about the various tools available within Office 365. 

Students who prefer to continue using Hawkmail instead of Office 365 after June 2021 will be able to do so, by setting up a forward to send mail from the Office 365 account back to their Hawkmail account. We will provide instructions to accommodate students in this situation. 

Please Note: One exception to this policy is that new Hawkmail accounts will be created for students enrolled in School of Education courses where course content includes lessons about the GSuite tools (as opposed to courses where those tools are used to facilitate other lessons). The College is making this allowance to accommodate students and faculty focusing on k-12 education, where Google tools are widely used. 

Contact Information

If you need help with your cmapus email, Blackboard,, password resets, and other account related issues, contact the Service Desk:

For self-directed support, visit our knowledgebase at