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Summer Session 2017

Math Placement

All first time undergraduate students entering the College receive a Math Proficiency Level (MPL) as part of the admissions process based on previously taken courses and standardized test scores.

College courses express math prerequisites in terms of the MPL. Students can raise their MPL by taking specific math courses. A grade of C- or better in the following courses will raise a student's MPL to the indicated level:

MAT 151 will raise a student to MPL 3,

MAT 053 will raise a student to MPL 3,

MAT 152 will raise a student to MPL 4,

MAT 181 will raise a student to MPL 5,

MAT 251 will raise a student to MPL 6.

Transferred courses and CLEP Exams that are evaluated as equivalent to these courses will also raise the MPL.

Students can also raise their scores through an online placement program called ALEKS. Students are allowed to take the exam a total of three times. More information about the ALEKS program and the exam schedule can be found at http://www.newpaltz.edu/math/placement.html.

If you have additional questions regarding Math Placement, contact Amy VanPelt at vanpelta@newpaltz.edu.