Summer Session

Online Evolutionary Studies Minor

The Evolutionary Studies minor can now be taken online during the summer!

Few scientific theories compare with evolution as a framework for asking and answering big questions about the nature of life. The 18-credit interdisciplinary minor in evolutionary studies (EvoS) encourages students to develop a deep and broad understanding of evolution and its implications for being human. EvoS students take several courses focusing on applications of evolution to human affairs. Further, all EvoS minors complete the Evolutionary Studies Seminar course which includes invited scholars addressing applications of evolutionary principles across several areas.

Opportunities for research that address questions rooted in evolutionary principles are offered in several departments, such as anthropology, biology, English, and psychology.

For more information on the New Paltz EvoS minor, please go to or contact Glenn Geher, Founding Director of EvoS, Psychology Department, 600 Hawk Drive, State University of New York at New Paltz, 600 Hawk Drive, New Paltz, New York 12561 or email him at