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SUNY New Paltz has a broad portfolio of programs to meet the needs of students in every major. Below you will find the programs located in the Americas but there are options all over the world. Our advisors can point you to resources that support your plans including scholarships, financial aid, international internships, and service learning opportunities. As you explore your study abroad options, we encourage students to consider:

• What you hope to gain from the study abroad experience;

• How a specific program’s course offerings fit in with your academic and career plans;

• Timing of programs according to your degree requirements; and

• How the learning, social, physical, and cultural environments will impact you.

You should also consider how the benefits of education abroad will play a key role in your future. Employers hire graduates with international experience who are prepared to join the globally competitive workforce and recognize that skills developed while studying abroad are essential for management and leadership positions.

Student safety is a primary concern in Study Abroad, and SUNY New Paltz prioritizes the health and security of its students. The Center for International Programs regularly update emergency protocols through ongoing risk assessment, consultation with SUNY Office of Global affairs, the U.S. Department of State, CDC, and others.

We encourage you to begin your study abroad process early. Our program partners offer much more than immediately meets the eye. We look forward to working with you!

Dan Albertson
Director, Global Learning
Center for International Programs




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