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My name is Angelo and I am from Westchester, New York from a small town called Pleasantville. I am currently studying Biology at SUNY New Paltz in hopes to complete a Biology B.A. Major with a minor in psychology. I have previous experience in studying breast cancer which lead me to study Biology for my undergraduate, in hopes to work in the medical field as a physician’s assistant. In my spare time I enjoy playing guitar, video games, or working out at the gym.



Hi, my name is Laura. I’m a Junior and a Biology major with a cellular/molecular concentration. I tutor General Biology I and II, as well as Genetics. I love being a tutor! I am so happy to help other students in a subject that I have such a great passion for. I hope to see all of the students I tutor create a solid foundation in Biology that they can use to further their academic pursuits and aspirations. My goal is to continue my education in graduate school and have an occupation in medicine. In my free time, I enjoy crocheting, playing Pokémon games, and binge watching different series on Netflix.




Hello! My name is Kyle Yuen and I am a junior at SUNY New Paltz with aspirations of becoming a doctor. I am an Organic Chemistry tutor at the Center for Student Success. After finishing a whole year of Organic Chemistry, I understood the hardships, time and effort needed to overcome this intimidating class. Observing the thought process of students with facilitation by the tutor and watching the students grow and persevere through a challenging class is what I love about working with students. If you see me around, feel free to say hello, and I look forward to working with you!



Hi there, I’m Mohammad (he, him, his). I am a third year biology major with a focus on the cell/molecular track and I'm hoping to graduate this spring. I like to make genre films with my friends and I am the treasurer for New Paltz Association of Science Academia, a club where we discuss scientific topics and go on science trips in the tristate area! Ultimately, my goal is to help you see and learn differently from what your professors and peers are offering, and my perspective as a former student in those courses can help you transition into these rigorous upper level courses. I look forward to working with you!


Computer Science


Hey there! My name is Cansu, and I’m a senior majoring in Computer Engineering. I tutor Computer Science I.  I became a tutor because I enjoy helping people and seeing them realize that a subject which once looked complicated isn’t that bad after all. Tutoring also helps me by giving me a better understanding of the subject. After New Paltz, I plan on going to graduate school to further study engineering. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my friends, having a cup of coffee with a good book or a movie.




Hey there! My name is Kristen and I am currently a sophomore here at SUNY New Paltz with a major in Economics and a minor in German.  In my spare time I enjoy taking dance classes, reading books, binge watching crime shows as well as surfing the internet to read articles about the current political climate. I have a great love for economics, especially macroeconomics, which is why I want to share my love for it with other students. I want to be able to help people learn subjects through methods that they understand, because I acknowledge that not everyone learns the same.  Someday I plan to work on the economic policies that will impact my home community as well as work on community development.




Hi! I’m Alexis, and I’m a junior here at SUNY New Paltz. I’m a Communication Disorders major and a Deaf Studies minor. My goal is to one day have a career as a bilingual speech pathologist. I decided to become a peer tutor to help other students grow and flourish in areas that they may be struggling with. I can't wait to see you all at the CSS!



Hey! My name is Corinne and my pronouns are she/her. I am a junior studying Digital Media Management with a minor in French. I am available as a subject tutor in FRN 101 and 102 (Elementary French) this fall semester. I am so excited for this opportunity to work with fellow students especially to help them strengthen their understanding of my favorite topic, French! I understand the challenges that come with classes, so I would love to motivate others to grow and succeed. I am also an RA in Scudder Hall and a DJ at our campus radio station. After graduation, I’m not sure where I want to end up, as long as I am doing something that makes me happy and benefits those around me as well.




Hi! My name is Doug, and I am currently a Spanish and Italian tutor here at the Center for Student Success. My major is Spanish, with a minor in Italian Studies. I love learning languages and being able to help others learn a new language. Learning a new language is hard, but with time, motivation, and practice, anybody is able to master a second language! In my spare time I like to read (Game of Thrones is my favorite book series), to play videogames, and to do outdoor activities (hiking is my favorite). If you ever need any help with languages, please do not hesitate to ask me!


Maria Elena

Greetings fellow peers, my name is Maria Elena! I am currently a sophomore at SUNY New Paltz. I am a double major in Communication Disorders and Spanish, in which I would like to pursue a career in audiology. I am originally from Ecuador and have been living in the United States for six years. I decided to become a tutor because I want to make a difference by helping students to succeed. I love to work with people and seeking knowledge provides me the opportunity to share it with others. It is an honor and pleasure to work as a tutor because it gives me the chance to meet new people and make connections through my college experience. I always tell my students that if they put in the time and effort, they could do anything they dream of. During my free time I like to spend time with my family and friends, and cook for them. Also, I enjoy photography and love to take sunset pictures.





My name is Hydia (she/her) and I am a senior Sociology major with a concentration in Human Services and minor in Black Studies. My position at the CSS is a Program Assistant as well as a subject tutor in College Algebra. I first started as a tutor at the beginning of my sophomore year. I initially wanted to become a tutor because I loved interacting and having conversations with others. Many of the students I tutor are first year. Not only do I enjoy tutoring them in College Algebra, but I also enjoy giving them advice about being in college. I love being able to help people. I love eating, shopping, and hanging out with my friends. My future career aspiration is to work with low income students in an educational setting.



Hey everyone! I am Reshma. I was born in India and have been living in Suffern (Rockland County), New York for the past 4 years. I am currently a sophomore, majoring in Cellular and Molecular Biology. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz, I want to get a Master’s Degree in Forensic Science and have a career as a DNA Criminalist. I became a tutor for two main reasons. First, my love for numbers, and second, to help my peers succeed in their classes in any possible way. I know math can be stressful but I am here to help everyone. If I am not in class or tutoring, you will find me hanging out with my friends and family, catching up on reading books or cooking Indian food.



Hi, I’m Sella! I am senior here at SUNY New Paltz, majoring in mathematics. In my second semester as a New Paltz student, I needed my own tutor which was how I found out about the CSS. I ended up loving it and made it a permanent part of my college commuter life. My favorite part of the job is when my students get excited over finally understanding a difficult math problem or concept. Some things I like to do off campus include soccer, jumping rope, and martial arts.  I am also involved in several math clubs on campus, including the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM), and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM). I hope that someday, my mathematics degree will open a career as an air traffic controller or commercial airline pilot – but until then, come solve for x and y with me at CSS!



Hello my name is Hoang, He-him-him.  My major is Computer Science and I will graduate in 2019. I am currently a subject tutor, math to be more specific. The reason I chose to join CSS because I love helping people.  I want to share my knowledge with people.   When I work at the CSS I also have the opportunity to meet more people and learn a lot of different things from them. I also believe while teaching other people, you also learn and improve your knowledge as well. In my free time I read books, go to the gym, play video games, and my future career is to become a game designer.





Hi everyone! My name is Egamaria, and I am a senior majoring in psychology and minoring in mathematics. I am a subject tutor in PSY 275 (Psychological Statistics) at the CSS. When I took psychological statistics my first semester at New Paltz in Fall 2016, I absolutely fell in love with the subject. Due to this passion, I have applied to graduate schools in Quantitative Psychology. As of right now, I aspire to one day become a university professor and inspire students to love statistics as well. Last semester I conducted a series of review sessions for statistics classes and I loved the feeling of being able to help peers understand and appreciate the material. This is one of the reasons why I decided to become a subject tutor at the CSS. Statistics is so much fun, so I hope you’ll join me in learning together!



Hey there! My name is Laura and I use she/her/hers pronouns. I’m an industrial/ organization psychology major, history minor, and disaster studies minor. I am graduating in May of 2018. I’m excited to work with students as a subject tutor for Introductory Psychology. My passion for teaching others drove me to work for the CSS. I enjoy hiking, biking, and working with kids. I hope to become a social worker.




Hi! My name is Allison and I use she/her pronouns. I am currently a senior, graduating in Spring 2018. My major is Sociology with a concentration in Human Services. I hope to work with children in the Human Services field in the future. My other involvement on campus includes the New Paltz dance association, Culture Shock Dance Troupe, and the Honors Peer Mentoring Program. I look forward to being a part of the CSS team, as I think quite highly of New Paltz's Sociology program, and consider it to be a rewarding field of study.