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Center for Student Success

Starfish for Advisors

Starfish connects students to the resources they need to engage in the classroom and the New Paltz community.

Starfish is a hub for student information (transcripts, progress survey, success plans, success networks, notes, flags, etc.); providing advisors the big picture of a student’s academic experience, and allowing for a personalized and strategic approach to student success.

The following videos provide a brief introduction to the features of Starfish.  If you would like a one-on-one consultation to further explore how Starfish can help students at New Paltz, please contact Maria Richards at x3590 or richardm6@newpaltz.edu.

Setting up your Office Hours and Online Scheduling

Starfish’s online scheduling feature decreases administrative workload, allowing students to easily schedule with you online, based on when you are available.  Starfish connects to your Office 365 Calendar and automatically updates students if you cancel an appointment.


Early Alert

Starfish houses an early warning feature that allows faculty to provide student performance feedback early in the semester, connecting students with the support they need when the biggest impact can be made.


Types of Student Feedback


Flags allow faculty to alert a student and their professional advisor that there is a concern about the student’s classroom performance.  The flag acts as a catalyst for advisors to get in touch with their students, make a plan on how to resolve the concern, and put the student on the path to a successful semester.

Flag Process

*If a student is only assigned a faculty advisor, a professional advisor will be assigned.


The kudos feature allows faculty to recognize students who are on the right track, who have shown improvement, or deserve acknowledgement.  Preliminary research shows kudos to be particularly impactful on students later in the semester (around week 9).

Progress Survey

Progress surveys are campus-wide initiatives that allow for the quick collection of faculty feedback about student performance.  Progress survey reporting items are developed to inform streamlined interventions to foster in-course learning and student success.

Progress surveys take place twice a semester, at week 3 (early alert) and week 7 (census report).  Faculty will receive instructions when the survey opens, and receive a reminder email prior to the due date if their progress surveys have not been completed.  Each progress survey email will include thorough instructions, links to videos, and contact information.