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Center for Student Success

Peer Advisors


Hi! My name is Alex (she/her/hers) and I’m a junior majoring in political science and minoring in environmental studies. I am looking forward to being a Peer Advisor this upcoming fall semester! I chose to join CSS because I believe there is value in students being able to help guide the path for others here at New Paltz. I look forward to meeting you!



Hi, my name is Angela (she/her/hers) and I am a Peer Advisor at the CSS. I am a junior majoring in Early Childhood/Elementary Education with a concentration in History and minor in Deaf Studies. I chose to join the CSS because I enjoy helping other students reach and achieve their goals in college. In my free time I love to hike, and maybe I will see you on one of the local trails! I look forward to meeting you at the CSS!



Hi, I'm Brooke! My pronouns are she/her/hers and I'm a senior majoring in Early Childhood/Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics and a minor in Biology.  I'm a member of TBA Improv Comedy and I'm tutoring Math for Elementary School Teachers I and Intro to Statistics.  I'm also a Peer Advisor!  I have worked for the Center for Student Success for a year so far and I have loved every minute of it.  In my free time, I love hanging out with friends and cracking jokes that are moderately funny! 



Hey! My name is Claudia (she/her/hers)! My major is sociology with a concentration in human services and my minor is disaster studies. I will be graduating in spring 2020! I am so excited to be a peer advisor at the CSS! I wanted to join the CSS, because I love working with people and want to help make everyone have the best educational experience at SUNY New Paltz! I can’t wait to help my peers navigate their college experience! I have studied abroad 3 times and love helping others find opportunities to see the world! I am a sister of the sorority Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi and I love hanging out with my sisters! My hobbies are traveling, exploring the outdoors, and listening to music! I have had an amazing academic and social time at New Paltz and I hope to help others have the same incredible experiences! 



Hello everyone, my name is Diana (she, her, hers) and I am very excited to start this new journey as a Peer Advisor in the CSS.  I am majoring in Sociology with a concentration is Criminology and expected to graduate this year, May 2020!!! I chose to join the CSS because through my experience of being an EOP Peer Mentor I wanted to share all of the knowledge that I know about SUNY New Paltz and help other students thrive the way I have done in the past. As a Latina, I love to sing and dance, but also model for any shows on campus. My future aspiration is to become a criminal defense attorney, while also helping with advocacy work in lower income communities like my own.


Emely is from the Dominican Republic and is a student here at SUNY New Paltz


Hey! My name is Emely, I am from the Dominican Republic and I am a student here at SUNY New Paltz. I am going into my Junior year with a major in Psychology and a double minor in Women Studies and Sociology. I am currently a Psychological Statistics subject tutor and also a Peer Advisor at the CSS. I was persuaded to take on the role of a PASC because I was also a Peer Mentor for the EOP program my sophomore year where I enjoyed advising and mentoring my fellow mentee’s. Throughout my college experience I have learned that time management, organizational, and studying skills are imperative and I am more than open to helping my peers master these qualities. I am looking forward to encouraging my peers to strive for the best and to remind them of their potential.



Hi! I’m Isabel! (Pronouns she/her/hers) I am a Communication Disorders Major with a minor in Deaf Studies and also a Junior here at New Paltz! I am excited to start this year off as a Peer Advisor. I decided to apply and join the CSS because I love working and interacting with other students and helping them to achieve their potential. I am also someone who is always ready to help my peers and this position provided me with the opportunity to do so! I’m currently captain of the New Paltz Women’s Rugby Team and love being involved in community service/volunteer opportunities. If I’m not at in class, work or practice you can probably catch me on a walk around campus or sitting by the pond.



Hi my name is James and I am currently a senior Finance major. I am working in the Center for Student Success as a Peer Advisor. I chose to join the CSS because I really enjoy being able to help provide my fellow classmates with assistance and resources they can use to help better their experience as a student in and out of the classroom. I really enjoy being a member of the Men’s Soccer Team and staying active.



Hi! My name is Kate (she/her/hers) and I am a junior majoring in Communication Disorders and Linguistics. I am also a Peer Advisor at the CSS! I am excited to help students navigate campus resources and make the most out of their time at New Paltz. I love working as a Peer Advisor because of the personal interactions I get to have with other students. Please feel free to stop in and chat! Outside of school, I like to be outside, work out, and go to coffee shops. I hope to one day work as a speech-language pathologist and explore a wide variety of fields. I look forward to meeting you at the CSS!



Hi, I'm Kevin. I am a finance major in my junior year at New Paltz. My pronouns are he, his, and him. I am a Peer Advisor and want to help students who feel overwhelmed academically when it comes to workload or selecting courses. I play on the soccer team and enjoy playing intramural sports when I’m not in season. 



Hello!! My name is Nicole. My pronouns are: she, her, hers. I’m a junior and my major is International Relations with a minor in Law and Politics. At the CSS, my position is Peer Academic Advisor. I chose to join the CSS because I enjoy helping others, especially my fellow peers. Some of my hobbies include spending time doing outdoor activities like hiking, biking & running and also spending time with my family. I would like to be an immigration lawyer someday! I look forward to a great year of helping and learning from everyone!



Hello! My name is Sarah and my pronouns are she, her, and hers. I am currently a sophomore English major and Political Science Minor. I am a peer advisor at the Center for Student Success. I wanted to join the CSS because I strongly value academic success and I hope to support those who seek help. I have a passion for traveling and politics. During my free time I enjoy hiking, running, writing, and spending time with friends. After graduating from SUNY New Paltz, I aspire to go to law school. I hope to see you soon! 



Hello everyone! My name is Sydney and I use she/her pronouns. I am a senior with a marketing major and a theater minor. I am excited to work as a peer advisor so I may share the knowledge I’ve gained through my experiences at SUNY New Paltz with other students so that college life will become a little less stressful! In my free time, I am one of the co-presidents of Alpha Psi Ecdysia and I put a lot of energy and heart into creating the best shows the club can offer. I love my time at SUNY New Paltz, because it has given me all of the tools necessary to hopefully spend my future as a fashion brand manager by day and a show producer by night!