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Center for Student Success

Peer Advising

The Peer Advisor Program helps students refine their time management skills, identify and achieve SMART goals, apply strategies to study effectively, and identify campus resources designed to promote student learning and development.

The primary focus of the programs is the successful transition of first-year (freshman) and first-semester transfer students to the university’s academic life. That being said, all student are welcome to utilize the Peer Advisor program regardless of class year!

The Peer Advisor program is one-on-one, free, and available from 9am-6pm Monday – Friday (click here to sign up). Students who are thriving and want to continue thriving as well as student who are finding their success strategies, can equally benefit from our services.

What can a Peer Advisor help with?

  • Time management: Often first year students have difficulty with the autonomy associated with college academics and campus life. In addition, they have trouble prioritizing homework, studying, and of course, fun. Peer Advisors help students develop skills for personal time management. Time for studying, extra-curriculars, and wellness are all important aspects of a college student’s experience, and our PACS are well versed in a variety of different time management strategies to help find balance.
  • Study Skills: First-year students have the tendency to hold onto unproductive study habits for far too long. College is a new level of rigor that requires a new level of study. A Peer Advisor will help identify a student’s learning style and suggest methods of studying that best align with their style.
  • Goal Setting: How do you know when you get there if you don’t know where you’re going? All students have goals, but first year students often have difficulty articulating short-term and long-term goals that are realistic and attainable. A Peer Advisor can help a student fully develop their goals and help identify methods to achieve them.
  • And more…: The wonderful framework of the program is that it is customizable and thus tailored to each individual student. The Center recognizes that students often are exploring more than one opportunity for growth and the Peer Advisors are specially trained to find those strengths and use them to help tackle challenges. Our mission is to facilitate student learning and student success, with any and all students who enter the Center.

What to expect when meeting with a Peer Advisor?

Once you arrive to the Center for Student Success (Old Main B106), you will be greeted by a friendly program assistant who will ask you to swipe in and walk you to your Peer Advisor. You will meet one-on-one with your Peer Advisor for 30 minutes working on a variety of skills. There will be other students in the Center meeting with their tutors, writing consultants, other Peer Advisors or just studying independently. The Peer Advisor will work with whatever you see fit. The Peer Advisor will customize the session to best fit your needs. Afterwards, you can schedule another session with that same Peer Advisor or a different Peer Advisor.

Who are the Peer Advisors?

Our welcoming and inclusive Peer Advisors are SUNY New Paltz students from a variety of backgrounds and majors. They participate in mandatory, on-going training and reflection. Click here to meet them!