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Tutoring Services

Peer Subject Tutoring at the Center for Student Success provides a collaborative environment where you can come to get help, to work through problems, or to review the material with peers. You can get support with a specific topic or question or just work through the course content with others. Peer Tutors are experienced with the courses and are trained to help you learn effectively.

Drop-In Language Tutoring

For beginner and intermediate French (101, 102, 201, and 202) and Spanish (101, 102, and 201), the Center for Student Success provides drop-in tutoring. In addition to our course-specific appointments, students can come to the Center during designated times to meet with an available tutor without making an appointment.

  • French, Wednesdays, 4-6
  • Spanish, Wednesdays, 2-4

Fall 2021 Tutoring Coverage:

BIO 201: Gen Bio 1

BIO 320: Genetics

BUS 201: Financial Accounting

CHE 201: Gen Chem 1

CHE 318: Organic Chem 1

ECO 206: Microeconomics

FRN 101: Elementary French 1

FRN 102: Elementary French 2

FRN 201: Intermediate French 1

FRN 202: Intermediate French 2

GLG 201: Physical Geology

MAT 140: Math for Elem Teachers 1

MAT 152: College Algebra

MAT 181: Precalc

MAT 251: Calc 1

MAT 252: Calc 2

MAT 260: Intro to Proof

PHY 201: Gen Physics 1

PSY 201: Psych Stats

SPA 101: Elementary Spanish 1

SPA 102: Elementary Spanish 2

SPA 201: Intermediate Spanish 1


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Additional Resources

If you are looking for additional math support, click here to visit the Math Lab.

If the course you are looking for is unavailable, click here or stop by the CSS for some tips and tricks to form study groups.