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Center for Student Success

The Academic Success Referral System

The Academic Success Referral System is a campus-wide early intervention tool that allows faculty to submit information regarding academic and behavioral concerns that could present obstacles to student learning and student success. These concerns can range from missing classes to scoring poorly on tests/quizzes to demonstrating disengaged behavior and beyond.

After assessing a faculty member’s referral, the Center for Student Success staff coordinates an individualized response to each student. These responses may involve working directly with the student to assist with identifying strategies for success, connecting the student with peer-to-peer support, apprising designated college personnel, or providing information about helpful resources on campus. Student interventions are designed to be supportive in nature and never punitive. By making referrals, faculty can partner with staff to ensure the unique needs of each student are addressed by the appropriate campus personnel.

The purpose of the Academic Success Referral System is to identify and support students who are struggling academically. Faculty who submit Academic Success Referrals take the lead in supporting SUNY New Paltz’s dedication to student success. A referral that comes at the first sign of student difficulty maximizes the likelihood that staff can successfully intervene in time to make a difference. This coordinated community response will increase our ability to offer students access to appropriate support services.