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A new, free tool available to students to help them succeed in their classes

The Center for Student Success is launching CircleIn at New Paltz as a complement to existing, proven peer-to-peer support services already in place at the College.

These approaches are widely recognized as high-impact practices that have been demonstrated to positively influence student outcomes. They are particularly valuable in the current era of remote teaching and learning, when many students are physically separated but still looking for ways to work together and learn from one another.

What is CircleIn?

CircleIn is a National Science Foundation-supported study app that makes it easier for students to build digital communities and collaborate with their classmates.

The app empowers students to quickly set up group chats and video meetings, share notes, create flashcards and ask and answer questions in each of their courses. They can also connect with Center for Student Success-trained tutors for additional support in specific courses.

As a bonus, students who use the app can earn points simply by studying and collaborating with their classmates, as an extra incentive for good habits that contribute directly to academic success. High-scorers can get gift cards and other rewards.



Get Started

Interested in using CircleIn? Follow these steps to get started:

For students

  • Download the App or visit the App’s Desktop Version
  • Search for SUNY New Paltz, this will direct you to the log-in page*
  • Enter your school log-in credentials using your email address
  • Select Authorize and get started!

For faculty

*Please note: The faculty and student log-ins use different sites.

Faculty and staff who want to learn more about CircleIn are welcome to get in touch with the Center for Student Success at

Visit CircleIn online or watch the short video above for more information.


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