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Student Affairs

Guiding Principles


Student Affairs provides a variety of services and programs that support and advance access and opportunity for the educational, research and public service mission of the college. The Student Affairs Division is committed to the holistic development of our students - intellectual, personal, and social - and to providing a safe community that celebrates human differences and promotes civic responsibility and a sense of local and global citizenship. We work to achieve these goals through inter-departmental communication and on-going collaboration with the divisions of Academic Affairs, Enrollment Management, Administration and Development.



·         Collaboration

·         Holistic Student Development

·         Advocacy/Inclusion/Belongingness

·         Responsive to Individual Student Needs

·         Growth/Learning

·         Excellence/Continuous Improvement

·         Service


Learning Objectives:

·         Sense of Belonging (citizen of the university)

·         Cognitive Skills (critical thinking; technical knowledge)

·         Cultural competence

·         Cultural exploration

·         Thoughtful and respectful engagement

·         Acceptance

·         Collaboration

·         Social justice advocacy

·         Social responsibility

·         Citizenship (following the rules; aiding others)

·         Community service

·         Civic engagement

·         Sustainability/Being a good steward of natural resources

·         Wellness:

·         Physical (self-care, sense of safety, positive self-image)

·         Social

·         Emotional (empathy; developing self and moving toward self-actualization; coping/resilience)

·         Financial (literacy; self-discipline)

·         Career (choosing a path that is a good fit with values/skills/interests; work ethic)

·         Intellectual (knowing how to learn best, ability to focus)

·         Spiritual