Student Accounts
Winter 2021 - 2022
WINTER 2021-2022

NYS resident undergraduate - $295.00
NYS resident graduate - $471.00
NYS resident MBA - $625.00

Non-NYS resident undergraduate - $708.00
Non-NYS resident graduate - $963.00
Non-NYS resident MBA - $1,016.00

  **Non-Resident Online Only**
                      Year            Semester        Per Cred
Undergrad       $8,480.00     $4,240.00         $353.00
Grad-Masters  $13,570.00    $6,785.00         $565.00
MBA               $18,000.00    $9,000.00         $750.00

**The Non-Resident Online Only rate applies to students enrolled at a State University of New York (SUNY) State-operated campus who: (a) for a given term is enrolled exclusively in an approved online distance learning program; and (b) has not had an address within the borders of New York State at any point within the previous 12 months of a given State-operated campus fiscal year. Campuses will determine whether a student meets the requirements by requiring documentation, as needed, to demonstrate compliance and to ensure that this definition is narrowly tailored to online-only  non-resident students with no physical presence in New York




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