Student Accounts

Waiver for the release of information

Permission must be granted by the student in order for the Office of Student Accounts to discuss the student invoice or financial aid with any third party, including parents or guardians. The Information Release Waiver is online and accessible through the student's via the "Student Services" tab. Click on "General," then "Information Release Waiver," and lastly "Add a person." Once a person has been designated, a pop-up screen appears which explains what the release of information entails and provides the authorized individual with a PIN number. The PIN number verifies the individual's identity and must be provided before any information may be released.

It is the student's responsibility to provide the PIN number to the person(s) who has been granted access to the student's account. All authorizations expire on June 1st. The student must re-authorize each person every year after that date, which will  create a new PIN for that designee.