Student Accounts

Withdrawal from College/Leave of Absence

Students who receive federal financial aid (Stafford loans, PLUS loans, Perkins loans, PELL grants, and SEOG grants) could owe the College a substantial amount of money if they withdraw during the first ten weeks of the semester.

Based on federal financial aid regulations, students must "earn" their aid based upon the percentage of time spent in attendance during the semester. If a student withdraws during the third week of the semester (having completed approximately 20% of the semester), that student will only be eligible for approximately 20% of the amount of their finalized federal aid.

According to SUNY policy, however, that student would also owe 50% of their tuition and fees (see tuition refund policy). Students who withdraw should therefore contact the Office of Student Accounts to determine how much of their federal aid they will have to repay to the school, and how much of their semester charges will have to be paid using personal funds.

The amount that is owed when a student withdraws could be substantially higher than the amount that was owed before the student withdrew, since much of the aid that would have been used to pay the student invoice will have to be returned to the federal aid program. It is possible that some students may owe an additional thousand dollars or more if they withdraw, depending on the amount of federal aid they were scheduled to receive and the timing of their withdrawals. Please contact the Office of Student Accounts via e-mail at if you have any questions about your withdrawal!

A student who is dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons prior to the end of an academic term shall be liable for all tuition and fees due for that term.


Liability for Semester Charges

Pre-Enrollment Deposit

The pre-enrollment deposit may be refunded if the Office of Student Accounts receives a written request by the following dates:

For the Summer or Fall Semester.........May 1 preceding the start of the semester

For the Spring Semester.....................November 1 preceding the start of the semester.

OR, if acceptance to the College is received after these dates, requests for refunds must be received within 30 days of the date of acceptance. In no case will refunds be considered if requests for such refunds are received after the official first day of classes of the semester for which original application for admission was made.

Advance Room Deposit

May be refunded if written request for refund is received in the Office of Student Accounts as follows:

For the Fall July 1 preceding the start of the semester

For the Spring November 1 preceding the start of the semester.

OR (for new students) within 30 days of notification of acceptance, whichever is later.

If a request is received later than the latest applicable date, the refund may still be granted if the student a) withdraws to enter military service, or b) the student withdraws due to circumstances beyond their control as certified and approved by the College President or designee.

NOTE: Once admission has been deferred from one semester to the next, neither the pre-admission deposit nor the advance room deposit may later be refunded.


A student who is permitted to cancel their registration after the semester begins, may be eligible for a reduction in their tuition liability. View the tuition liability schedule for dates and percentages.


For more information on course withdrawal see Records & Registration.

Undergraduate students leaving school, either temporarily or permanently, must complete the appropriate paperwork. This paperwork may require signatures from various offices and must be submitted to the Office of Academic Advising (Old Main, Room 127) upon completion. Students who wish to return in a semester or two must complete a "Leave of Absence" form. Students who are leaving permanently must complete a "Withdrawal from College" form. Refunds are based on the date that the forms are processed by the Office of Student Accounts. A student is considered to be enrolled and fully liable for tuition and all fees until the withdrawal form is filed and processed.

Graduate students need to obtain and complete a Graduate School Leave of Absence/Withdrawal from College form, which is located on the Graduate School's web page. It is the graduate students responsibility to withdraw from their courses.

A student who is dismissed for disciplinary reasons prior to the end of an academic term shall be liable for all tuition and room charges due for that term.


College Fee

The College Fee is an administrative fee established by SUNY and charged to all registered students at a per credit rate. This fee is not refundable beginning the official first day of classes.

Student Services Fee

The Student Services Fee is a consolidated fee representing the following mandatory fees: the Activity Fee, the Athletic Fee, the Health Services Fee, and the Technology Fee. Refunds for these fees follow the Tuition Refund Policy.

Course Fees

Refunds for course fees are only given during the first week of the semester or  upon receipt of a letter from the instructor stating the student did not attend the course. 


Room rent

Room adjustments are calculated by the Office of Residence Life and are generally based upon the percentage of weeks remaining in the semester, as determined by the official check out date. If a student is removed from the Residence halls by the Director of Residence Life, as a result of a disciplinary action, no refund will be made.

Meal Plan

Meal adjustments are calculated by Campus Auxilary Services

Special Circumstances

Notwithstanding any other provision for refund, when a student has withdrawn through circumstances beyond the student's control, under conditions in which the denial of refund would cause undue hardship, the campus president or designee may, in his/her discretion, determine that no liability for tuition has been incurred by the student, provided the student has not completed more than one-half of the term and has not received or will not receive academic credit for the term, and that the request for refund is made within one year after the end of the term in question. Such action, including the reason therefore, shall be in writing and signed by the president or designee and retained by the campus.

In adherence to SUNY policy; no CBC request will be considered if the student has not withdrawn from his\her class(es) prior to the mid-point of the semester. 

All of these policies are subject to change without notice. Questions about the current refund policies should be directed to the Office of Student Accounts, HAB 204, (845) 257-3150.