Student Accounts

Health Insurance Waivers

Health Insurance is billed to all full-time students (12cr). This is a conditional fee, which can be waived upon submission of proof that the student has his or her own health insurance coverage, or is covered under someone else’s policy. A waiver MUST be completed no later than the second week of the semester. Waiver requests received after the deadline cannot be honored.

International students are required to accept the Foreign Health Insurance offered through the College.

**NOTE: Students enrolled in Study Abroad Programs can only apply for a Foreign Health Insurance Waiver through the Center for International Programs.


Brochures are available online at


Directions for waiving health insurance:

  • Health insurance waivers must be completed online at under the MONEY link.
  • You can easily waive your Health Insurance by logging into and following these steps: 

    1. Make sure the Student tab is selected at the top

    2. Find the list of Resources on the left, and click Money

    3. Then click Health Insurance Waiver under Student Accounts

    4. Health Insurance waivers must be received by the Office of Student Accounts no later than the end of the second week of the semester. Waivers received after the        deadline will not be accepted. 

    Full-time students who DO need a health insurance policy, must also follow the steps above.  In this case, simply select "No, I do not have health insurance" and the charge will remain on your bill. 

    If you cannot waive your Health Insurance online or if you have any questions, please contact the Office of Student Accounts at or by phone (845) 257-3150.