Sponsored Programs & Research Compliance

Policies & Procedures

(In alphabetical order)


Animal Use - Policy Statement (PDF)


Budget Development (Webpage)


Code of Conduct - SUNY RF (PDF)

COVID-19 Resources (RF)

Conflict of Interest Policy and Procedures - SUNY New Paltz (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Policy - NSF (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Policy for PHS Sponsored Programs - SUNY RF (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Policy - SUNY System (PDF)

Conflict of Interest: Responsibility of Applicants for Promoting Objectivity in Research for which Public Health Service (PHS) Funding Sought (PDF)

Conflict of Interest Policy - SUNY RF (PDF)


Drug-Free Workplace Policy (PDF)


Employee of the Research Foundation Handbook (PDF)

Electronic Signature Policy (PDF)

Equal Employment Opportunity Policy Statement (PDF)

Employee Handbook - SUNY RF (PDF)

Exempt Time Reporting Demo (Video)

E-Time Reporting Guide for Supervisors (PDF)

E-Time Reporting Guide for Nonexempt Employees (PDF)

E-Time Reporting Guide for Exempt Employees (PDF)

Extra Service Policy (PDF)


Holiday Calendar 2021 for RF Employees (PDF)


Institutional Base Salary (PDF)

Independent Contractor Procedure (PDF)

Indirect Cost Waiver Policy - SUNY New Paltz (PDF)


Misconduct in Science (PDF)


Nepotism Policy - SUNY RF (PDF)

Non-Exempt Salaried and Hourly Time Reporting Demo (Vide)


Payroll Schedule 20-21 for Bi-Weekly Non-Exempt Employees - SUNY RF (PDF)

Payroll Schedule 20-21 for Bi-Weekly Hourly Employees - SUNY RF (PDF)

PI Handbook (PDF)

Policy on Proposals Submitted Without Institutional Approval (PDF)


Responsible Conduct of Research Policy and Procedures (PDF)

Research Integrity - SUNY RF (PDF)

RF Reaffirmation of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy (PDF)

Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules Policy (PDF)


Supervisor Time Reporting Demo (Video)

SUNY and RF Research Restarting Guidelines and Resources (PDF)


Travel FAQS for Same Day Trips (PDF)

Travel Expense Policy for Same Day Travel - SUNY RF (PDF)

Transportation Expense Policy for Non-Employees - SUNY RF (Word)

Travel Handbook for Overnight Travel - SUNY RF (PDF)