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Geometry through 3D Printing

This unit is designed to engage 10th grade geometry students with concepts relating to transformations, through the use of OpenSCAD computer software and a 3D Printer. The unit will help students to apply and expand their existing knowledge of transformations of figures on a coordinate plane to create and manipulate geometric solids in a 3D coordinate system. For more details see:



This unit was designed by:
Mr. Evan Smith, Frank McCourt High School, New York, NY
Dr. Catherine Paolucci, Assistant Professor, SUNY New Paltz, Secondary Education and Mathematics
Dr. Ed Hanson, Assistant Professor, SUNY New Paltz, Mathematics


The students in this unit had to finish four Design Challenges. The instructions for all of them are linked below. 

Design Challenge Set 1

Design Challenge Set 2

Design Challenge Set 3

Design Challenge Set 4


Here are some of the worksheets the students were given to help with their assignment.

Example Code

Cheat Sheet

Example Entry Document




Marcus Riccio

Chess Set

Bishop by Marcus Riccio



Kirby Action Figure by Matthew Heddon



DSLR by Corey Velazquez


Click Student Projects to see more student work.