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A Day in the Life on the Hudson

This unit, A Day in the Life on the Hudson, is designed for middle school students to learn about Ecology and Ecosystems through a systematic investigation of the Hudson River. The 7th lesson has students participate in the Department of Environmental Conservation’s annual event, “A Day in the Life on the Hudson,” in which students from New York City to Troy collect data pertaining to the river’s condition for the approximate 200 mile stretch.

This lesson has students conducting and recording data on water tests of pH, salinity, chlorophyll and nitrogen compounds. The collected data is analyzed by the students using their understanding from previous lessons in the unit. The data can be uploaded to the DEC as part of a citizen science endeavor. These exercises provide a real world experience for students to engage in inquiry-based learning that demonstrates the importance of the Hudson River in our lives.

To supplement the science-focused lessons are two exercises to extend students’ research of the Hudson through a variety of technologies. The first is an exploration of the Voyage of Henry Hudson on the Half Moon through the development of a tour using Google Earth. The other is the design of a fishing lure, based upon research, using Tinkercad. The lures are then 3D printed.

Ms. Rypkema and Dr. Millham have been working with students in Beacon, NY participating in this event for several years.

Hudson River Ecology
and Ecosystems

 Henry Hudson's Voyages


Fishing Lures and
3D Printing


This unit was designed by: 
Rosemary Millham, SUNY New Paltz, Adolescence Education
Nancy Rypkema, Valley Central Middle School, Science and Master Teacher 
Dennis JohnsonMid-Hudson Teacher Center
Aaron Knochel, Pennsylvania State, Art Education