School of Education

Assessment Policy

School of Education Assessment Policy

In October 2022 faculty in the School of Education (SoE) approved a policy regarding the minimum performance levels candidates are expected to achieve on program assessments (e.g., planning, dispositions, P-12 learning, APP). All candidates in programs within the Department of Teaching & Learning, as well as those in the Educational Administration program, should be aware of the policy. If a candidate is unsure about what specific program assessments are utilized and/or when they are implemented during their program of study, the candidate should contact the appropriate program coordinator or department chairperson. The policy is as follows:

Candidates must earn a score of 80% on each assessment required for their specific program. However, during a culminating experience, candidates may not earn a rating of Unacceptable on any item. Failure to meet either of these expectations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the program coordinator and faculty and may result in a failing grade in the course.