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School of Education DEVELOPMENT

Center for Innovation in Education

The Center for Innovation in Education at New Paltz (CIE@NP) is a resource to expand clinically-rich preparation of teachers and leaders. The CIE@NP’s mission is to advance collaboration, enrich curriculum and enhance clinical practice across all levels of learning. It achieves these goals through the implementation of Collaborative Exploration Learning and Leadership Spaces (CELLS) in classrooms spanning the Hudson Valley, New York City and Long Island. The CELLS are supported by 21st century instructional technology that inspire inquiry-based teaching and learning: collaborative, multi-disciplinary curriculum development; classroom simulation; and 3D printing.

Multi-disciplinary collaboration being discussed by faculty

Multi-disciplinary collaborative curriculum development

SoE faculty, other faculty across campus and K-12 teachers design a curriculum that all members of the team can teach at their grade level.

- Women’s Rights: The Struggle Continues
Laura Dull (Sec Ed), Susan Lewis (History), Sarah Sebald (4th gr teacher), Matt Grande (8th gr SS teacher) and Alyson Dodge (11th gr SS teacher)

Geometry through 3D Printing
Catherine Paolucci (Sec Ed), Ed Hanson (Mathematics), Evan Smith (high school math teacher)

- A Day in the Life on the Hudson
Rosemary Millham (Sec Ed), Aaron Knochel (Art Ed), Nancy Rypkema (middle school Sci and Master Teacher), Dennis Johnson (MHTC)

- Ancient Greece
Nataly Chesky (Elem Ed), Steven Resler (middle school math teacher), Cynthia Listort (primary grades (K-3) teacher)


Example of Teachlive being used with avatars on the screen

Using Mixed-Reality Simulation

Faculty are employing a variety of methods to enhance clinical practice for their teacher and leader candidates. Simulations provide rehearsal of interactions with immediate feedback in the implementation of lessons for middle school children and scenarios with adults.

Local school districts have expressed interest in professional development of teachers and leaders using simulation.

In collaboration with Buffalo State and the University at Buffalo, simulation experiences have been brought to other SUNY teacher and leadership programs with funding from an Innovative Instruction Technology Grant (IITG).


Student with a 3D printed Skeleton

3D Printing

Our collaboration with the Mid-Hudson Teacher Center (MHTC) and the Master Teachers brings 3D design and printing to wider audience.

Together we are providing training in CAD software and 3D printing to area teachers. The MHTC, the Master Teacher Program, and the CIE@NP have purchased several 3D printers, which are used for trainings and workshops, as well as a lending program for local teachers to support projects in their classrooms. 
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There are schools in the region with 3D printers and teachers seeking support in the implementation of projects. They benefit from us through curriculum development and we benefit from them through genuine field experiences in a STEAM environment.



The Center for Innovation in Education at New Paltz is federally funded through SUNY Teacher and Leader Education Network (S-TEN) grants provided by NYSED from Race to the Top funding. The purpose of S-TEN is to align K-12 and higher education, so the preparation of teachers and leaders share a common understanding of Common Core principles, with expanded clinically-rich experiences promoting performance assessment and data to inform decisions.