Become a local investor in startups 

About the Hudson Valley Angel Hub

The majority of Americans are invested in the stock market. Why do we happily surrender our savings and investment money to financiers hundreds or thousands of miles? According to Michael Shuman, 5% of the total population could be an angel investor - so if we take even 1% of the 2.3 million people who live in the Hudson Valley, that's a potential 23,000 potential angel investors. We created HV Angel Hub to bridge the gap between people who want to learn and become an angel investor, so that the startups in our area can find the perfect match in capital. 

We're on a mission is to build local investing capacity by promoting local investing best practices and ethics in investing, and by connecting angel investors (current and aspiring) to entrepreneurs and college students, through a variety of educational programs. Our programs are held monthly, alternating in-person and remote, and will include educational presentations, expert panel discussions, pitch and exhibition, and networking events.


Program Sessions (not complete list):

  • Angel Investing Strategies and Processes
  • Investor Risks and Returns
  • Startup Pitch Criteria
  • The Entrepreneur's Perspective
  • Upstate NY Entrepreneur & Investor Ecosystems
  • Alternative Investment Models


Program Costs

  • HV Angel Hub Member: $500 for access to all programs
  • College Students: Free participation for currently enrolled HV college students



How to join:

Reserve your spot via this payment link. In addition to processing your payment, there is a membership agreement for you to download, sign and return.


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Questions: email hvventurehub@newpaltz.edu



Disclaimer: Hudson Valley Angel Hub’s content and programs are for informational and educational purposes only. Such information is not investment or financial advice, and shall not be construed as such. All investment or financial content referenced in Hudson Valley Angel Hub’s programming and resources are for skills development only. Hudson Valley Angel Hub does not endorse any companies, entities, or individuals for any form of investment, advisory, or other business purposes. Specific regulations, as governed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, typically apply when making small business investments. The Hudson Valley Angel Hub urges each potential investor to seek appropriate guidance prior to making any “angel” investments.