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Food Marketing
Food Marketing Track - bowl with vegetables

“Category Management is clearly what differentiates the SUNY New Paltz Food Marketing Track from all others.”
Food Industry CEO


The objective of these courses is to:

  • Educate students about the global food industry at all levels, with a focus on food distribution, category management, retail and merchandising.
  • Students will learn the application of traditional marketing strategies, concepts, and tactics to food retailing, merchandising and category management.


Participants will explore and prepare for a career in the food industry along one of the several potential career paths, including:

  • food retail management
  • advertising
  • category management
  • research
  • sales management
  • brand management

Course Offerings

The following food marketing courses are being offered:

BUS325 / Marketing Principles
BUS327 / Sales Management
BUS328 / Food Retail Management
BUS329 / Category Management
BUS429 / Marketing Strategy

Open to all School of Business majors.

Students participating in food marketing courses will have the following opportunities:

  • Tours of food facilities and relationships with industry leaders

  • Interviewing opportunities with key food companies

  • Access to guest speakers and program-related events

  • Opportunities to travel to industry conferences like the National Grocers Association Case Competition in Las Vegas

  • Internship and potential placement opportunities at over 250 companies in the food industry

  • Be taught Food Marketing and Category Management at the only university in New York teaching these differentiated skills.


Students touring the Freshdirect headquarters