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School of Business

Hall of Fame: Meredith Phelan


Student of the Year
Meredith Phelan

Meredith Phelan graduated with a B.S. in Business Administration from SUNY New Paltz in 2002. She chose to continue her education at SUNY New Paltz and is presently a student in the MBA program with a concentration in Finance.

An active member of the campus community, Meredith has been a member of both social and academic student organizations. During the 2000 - 2001 academic year, Meredith acted as the Director of Finance for the Alpha Nu chapter of Delta Phi Epsilon International Sorority. Prior to that position, Meredith served as the Vice President of Programming for the chapter. As V.P. of Programming, she organized various fundraising events as well as the sorority's participation in a Hudson Valley Blood Services Blood Drive on campus. Meredith has been a volunteer for the Long Island Blood Center in the past and is an advocate for blood donations.

During her year as V.P. of Finance for the sorority, she also acted as the Executive Vice President of the collegiate chapter of the American Marketing Association (AMA) at New Paltz and has been the President of the AMA for the past two years. The AMA commonly performs market research studies under the auspices of The Business Institute. As president, Meredith has been responsible for meeting with potential clients to identify their market research needs and has assisted in converting those issues into questions for market research surveys. She is also responsible for appointing project coordinators who manage the student teams that administer the surveys. During her time as president of AMA, Meredith has acquired studies fro Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, Vassar Brothers Medical Center, and The Kingston Hospital. She has also managed the promotion and planning of the American Marketing Association's annual Business Day Conference. The AMA has received three national awards from the American Marketing Association under Meredith's leadership: Outstanding Fundraising Activities, Best Professional Development, and Best Chapter Plan.

Meredith was the recipient of the 2000-2001 Wall Street Journal Academic Achievement Award and the 2000-2001 Dr. Edwin Ulrich Business Scholarship.