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Office of Student Activities and Union Services

Student Organizations

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Any student club, society, chapter or other group seeking to operate at SUNY New Paltz must be recognized by a student governing body and/or the college. There are multiple ways in which groups can seek recognition. Once a group is recognized, they earn the rights and privileges to reserve space, host campus events, recruit fellow students, advertise, access funding resources, etc. Most groups will obtain recognition from one of our three student governments (Student Association, United Greek Association, or the Residence Hall Student Association). Groups recognized by the Student Association and Residence Hall Student Association are not required to obtain college recognition. However, groups recognized by the United Greek Association must obtain dual recognition from UGA and college recognition from the Office of Student Activities & Union Services.

Groups seeking recognition from one of the three governments must adhere to the recognition process outlined by the respective governing body. Not all groups naturally fit into one of these three governing structures; those that do not should obtain college recognition through the Office of Student Activities & Union Services.  Groups not eligible for recognition through one of the three student governments can complete a New Group Interest Form (link to PDF).   Depending on the nature or type of group seeking recognition, the Office of Student Activities and Union Services will reserve the right to defer recognition back to one of the three student governing bodies. The Office of Student Activities and Union Services will make this determination on a case by case basis.

For a list of active student organizations, click on the following governing bodies website below.

Student Association
• Club Sports
• Social, Hobby, and Cultural clubs
• Student led Performing Arts clubs
• Student Media groups
• Student led Academic clubs
• Advocacy and Political clubs

Groups seeking recognition through the Student Association should proceed to https://newpaltz.campuslabs.com/engage/organizations

Office of Student Activities (Student Groups Recognized by The Office of Student Activities and Union Services)
• Honor Societies
• Academic and Services-Based Fraternities
• Groups Funded by External Agencies

Those groups not eligible for Student Association recognition (see above) and are interested in starting a new group, please complete the interest form below. Please note that this form is only for a group NOT eligible for recognition from a student governing body.

United Sorority and Fraternity Association & Office of Student Activities
• Social Fraternities and Sororities
• Cultural Fraternities and Sororities

Residence Hall Student Association
• Hall Governments
• National Residence Hall Honorary

Web space on a SUNY New Paltz Web server is available to student organizations recognized by the Student Association or college. Complete the Web Space Request Form on the Web Management Office website.