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Office of Student Activities and Union Services

LEAD @ New Paltz


LEAD @ New Paltz is a leadership development workshop series designed to help students enhance and refine personal leadership skills.  Intended for sophomores, juniors, and seniors, LEAD enables participants to acquire leadership skills to apply to our ever-changing community, workforce, and world. LEAD is ideal for students who already have co-curricular experience (Emerging Leaders graduates, club member, etc.) who are looking for a chance to further develop their leadership skills.

LEAD @ New Paltz Core Competencies

LEAD @ New Paltz empowers students to gain a better understanding of how the application of practical leadership skills will benefit their educational pursuits, their careers, their communities, and their worlds. Designed around Evers, Rush, and Berdrow's "Bases of Competence," leaders today need to not only have a basic skill set, but be confident in their abilities to apply them as needed. By concentrating on general skills, this competency model creates a strong base to support LEAD participants' specialist knowledge and skills gained through their academic programs. There are four base competencies:

  1. MANAGING SELF - As a leader in an ever-changing world, it is beneficial to have an understanding of self and an array of personal skills.  A student who participates in a session addressing this competency can become more equipped with individual skills like self-reflection, personal organization, time management, problem solving, analytic skill development, and gain an increased confidence in the ability to apply these skills.
  2. COMMUNICATING - Leaders today need to know how to effectively communicate their message in a variety of ways and to a variety of audiences.  Select LEAD sessions will offer participants an opportunity to improve skills in areas of interpersonal communication, group dynamics, listening skills, public speaking, and digital communication.
  3. MANAGING PEOPLE AND TASKS - A leader can have a great idea, but needs the skills to put that vision into action.  Select LEAD sessions will offer participants increased knowledge in coordinating, decision-making, influence, managing conflict, organizing, event management, budgeting, and identifying resources to better accomplish the tasks at hand.
  4. MOBILIZING INNOVATION AND CHANGE - Having a greater understanding of the world around you and a knowledge about how to implement change are essential skills for leaders to have.  LEAD will offer participants the ability to gain skills such as conceptualization, creativity, innovation, risk-taking, and visioning to apply when faced with a challenge.  Participants will also understand the importance of civic engagement, diversity and inclusion, and how they can have a lasting, positive impact to better their communities.

Each semester, the LEAD calendar will designate which competencies each session will cover.  Participants are encouraged to attend sessions that address each competency.  In many cases, one LEAD session could cover more than once competency.


Participation in LEAD is voluntary, student-managed, and on-going. LEAD sessions are open to all students. Students can select which sessions they would like to attend from a semesterly calendar of on-campus speakers, workshops, and presentations. Participants can choose to take part in several sessions and earn a certificate, or simply attend one session of interest. At each session, a student must sign in to receive credit towards their LEAD certificate.

All students who register will be added to the LEAD @ New Paltz Blackboard Group.  This group will be used to send email updates about events and contain resources related to each participant's progress.

LEAD Certificates

Students who participate in a variety of LEAD sessions can earn a certificate.  Participation in sessions is on-going and cumulative; a student can attend sessions and make progress towards earning a certificate throughout his/her New Paltz undergraduate career.

  • BRONZE CERTIFICATE - A student participates in 10 LEAD sessions; all four core competencies must be met via these sessions (1 Managing Self, 1 Communicating, 1 Managing People and Tasks, 1 Mobilizing Innovation and Change).
  • SILVER CERTIFICATE - A student participates in 20 LEAD sessions; each of the four competencies must be met at least twice with these sessions (2 Managing Self, 2 Communicating, 2 Managing People and Tasks, 2 Mobilizing Innovation and Change). 
  • GOLD CERTIFICATE - A student participates in 30 LEAD sessions; each of the four competencies must be met at least three times with these sessions (3 Managing Self, 3 Communicating, 3 Managing People and Tasks, 3 Mobilizing Innovation and Change).

Progress towards LEAD Certificates must be tracked by the individual student. Students must sign in at each session in order to receive credit. Overall program attendance will be managed by the Office of Student Activities and Union Services. Students who earn a certificate will be invited to the Club & Leadership Awards Ceremony, held each April.


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