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Office of Student Activities and Union Services

Office Missions and Learning Objectives

Student Activities Mission and Learning Objectives


We, the office of Student Activities and Union Services, strive to enhance the educational mission of the State University of New York at New Paltz. Guided by our student centered philosophy, we promote co-curricular opportunities and encourage student participation in all aspects of campus life. As the hub of student activities, the Union is a venue for students to safely explore their individual sense of self, as well as develop connections with others. Through leadership, involvement, and purposeful programming, we support, challenge & recognize our students to learn, grow, and develop social responsibility in our diverse campus community.



Students will learn . . .

. . . to name ways that they can get involved in co-curricular experiences

. . . organizational and logistical management skills related to hosting and coordinating activities and events

. . . critical leadership skills (i.e. – the ability to lead, interact, represent, and inspire others) through their involvement in student clubs, emerging leaders, student governance and fraternity/sorority life.

. . . to identify a variety of social activities and events on campus

. . . strategies for a successful student experience when commuting from off campus residences

. . . community and civic engagement through leadership, educational activities and outreach opportunities

. . . to describe the benefits of living in a diverse community and the importance of learning and engaging with others different from themselves


Student employees will learn . . .

. . . Critical thinking and problem solving skills through event and facility management

. . . hands-on customer service skills when working with clients from across campus and our neighboring community

. . . how to balance and prioritize a variety of tasks/projects efficiently and effectively


Campus-wide programming and events (social, educational, & cultural)

Student event policy management

Approval of all student events on campus

Support student clubs in their programming and organizational needs

Management and Reservations of the Student Union

Event Services (technology, set-ups, etc) within the Student Union

Off Campus and Commuter Student Services

Advisement, recognition, management, and support of Fraternity and Sorority Life

Emerging Leaders Program

Co-Curricular Transcript Program

Trailways Ticket Sales

Campus Posting Policy and Approval

Promote general campus involvement