Course Descriptions

All classes are taught by advanced art education students under the supervision of art education faculty.

The program fee for classes is $75 for the 9-week session: 8 inquiry days + 1 exhibition day.

  • Morning Classes (10 a.m. – 12 p.m.)
  • Afternoon classes (1 p.m. – 3 p.m.)


Playful Engagements in Art (Kindergarten)

For our youngest artists who love to explore and learn through play, this art class focuses on multimedia exploration of emergent processes in art making such as drawing, painting, collage, printmaking and 3-dimensional sculpture. The youngest artists experiment with media and will discover together in this energetic and play-based approach to art making.


Art Investigations: Imagination and Materials (Grades 1-2)

In this class, children who enjoy investigating their fascinations and imaginations will use hands-on art processes as part of a learning community to explore ideas and environments with a variety of media. This class offers a combination of play-based investigations and thematic media exploration in art making.


Draw it, Paint it, Build it: Multimedia Making (Grades 3-4)

This class emphasizes thematic inquiry through drawing, painting media, collage and assemblage with found objects. Children experience ways of building up surfaces from mark making, to relief and free standing sculpture, build on technical abilities and creative problem solving skills through experimentation, discovery, and self-expression.


Storytelling: Connecting to your story (Grades 5-6)

For grades 5-6, this course focuses on studio experiences that stimulate and develop young artists’ creative imagination, expression and skills. Today’s storytellers can take advantage of cutting-edge technology to transform a simple viewing experience into an interactive experience.