Undergraduate Research


Students have ample opportunity to present the results of their research, scholarship and creative activities. For many, the best forum is at a conference or similar venue within their own academic discipline. Students should consult their faculty mentors for suggestions. 

In addition, students can present at several broader, cross-disciplinary conferences, both on-campus and off-campus. 


On-Campus Presentation Opportunities:


Off-Campus Presentation Opportunities:

  • SUNY Undergraduate Research Conference (SURCis a multidisciplinary event hosted each spring semester by a different SUNY institution. SURC brings together undergraduate student researchers and faculty mentors from across the SUNY system for a full day of activities, including sessions devoted to student presentations (ranging from panel presentations, artistic displays, and poster presentations), luncheon with keynote speaker(s), a SUNY Graduate School and career fair, and professional development workshops for students and for faculty.
  • The National Conferences on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) promotes undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative activity in all fields of study by sponsoring an annual conference for students. Unlike meetings of academic professional organizations, this gathering of young scholars welcomes presenters from all institutions of higher learning and from all corners of the academic curriculum. Students presenting at the National Conference will have the option of doing an oral or poster presentation.
  • Posters on the Hill: This poster session is held on Capitol Hill each spring. This event provides opportunities for undergraduate researcher present their work and speak directly with their representatives.