Records & Registration

Registration Permissions

Some courses require instructor permission for enrollment.  All courses will require permission to enroll during the second week of the semester. In order for the instructor and/or Department Chair to indicate that permission has been granted, an electronic permission must be entered into the registration system. Please note that each Department or Program may have their own rules about course enrollment permissions.  Faculty are encouraged to check with the Department Chair or Associate Dean, as appropriate.


Go to > Faculty Services > Teaching Menu > Permission to Register.  


The student can view registration permissions in > Registration > Registration Permissions

Once the permission is entered electronically, the student can register for the class on the web as long as it is permitted by Academic Calendar. The student is encouraged to register right away as some instructors or chairs will expire permissions after a specified period of time has passed without registration.


Registration Permissions Timeline


Registration Semester Time period* Permission type Directions
Add/Drop period   First week   None unless required by course or class limit (No fee charged)   Student web or Records WH 115
Late Add/Drop period   Second week   Instructor or chair electronic permission required (Fee charged)   Student web or Records WH 115


* Refer to the Academic Calendar for specific deadlines and associated fees.