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Records & Registration

De-registration and Re-registration

Policy and Procedure


Course de-registration is automatic and occurs around the fourth week of the semester for students who do not accept financial responsibility and make payment or payment arrangements.  See Student Accounts for more information.

The date of de-registration is listed on the Academic Calendar and is preceded by warning emails and loss of Blackboard access.

Reinstatement in the semester courses is not automatic.  The student must act immediately upon notice of de-registration.


If the student wishes to be re-registered in the classes, the following steps MUST be completed within 2 weeks of de-registration:

  1. Continue to attend classes. The student will not have access to Blackboard or appear on the instructor’s roster until the student is re-registered and pays for the class.
  2. For the student to be reinstated, the student bill must be paid in full.
    • Meet with Student Accounts (WH 114) to pay the outstanding bill.
    • Student Accounts will request that Records & Registration re-register the student in the class(es). Students can only be registered for ALL of the same classes. Requests to register for some of the classes will not be honored.
  3. After the student is re-registered, the student will pay the outstanding bill.  


Re-registration requests after 2 weeks following de-registration, may not be honored.

Students who are de-registered will be blocked from registering in subsequent semesters unless Student Accounts lifts the de-registration HOLD.