Records & Registration

Initiating Voluntary Leave of Absence

What happens if I do not officially take a leave of absence for a semester I will be away?


The leave of absence is applied one semester at a time. Each leave needs a separate request.

To take a leave in the current semester, you must submit the COMPLETE form by the deadline in the Academic Calendar.  The leave starts on the date that the you sign the leave of absence form or the last day of attendance, whichever is later.  You are responsible for ensuring that the form is filled out correctly and is complete at the time of submission to Record & Registration. (Please do not send the same form to multiple offices at the same time.)


To take a leave for the next semester, you must submit the COMPLETE form before the start of classes for the next semester. Be sure to drop classes for which you are registered for the next semester prior to submitting the leave form.


To extend a leave to a second semester, email Records & Registration and make the request in writing. (Leaves cannot be longer than two semesters. Students who do not return, will be withdrawn from college.)


Interested in taking summer or winter classes?  Summer and winter sessions are not leave semesters.  You can enroll in classes.  However, these do not impact the number of semesters of separation from New Paltz.


Steps for official Leave of Absence

  1. Review the policy for leave of absence.
  2. Consult with major advisors, Center for Student Success, Office of Academic Advising, Psychological Counseling Center and/or Student Health Service, or private health/wellness provider, as appropriate to make sure a leave is the best option
  3. Read and complete the undergraduate leave of absence form. Graduate students must complete the graduate leave of absence form.
  4. Submit the undergraduate form to Records & Registration and the graduate form to the Graduate School.


How to complete the form and avoid delays



Students cannot take a leave or be separated for more than two consecutive semesters.  In order to remain matriculated, the student must return by the date specified on the leave of absence form and register for classes. Students on voluntary leave will be automatically withdrawn from college after two consecutive fall/spring semesters of separation from the college.

Planning to take courses elsewhere while you are on leave?