Records & Registration

How can I be sure that I am awarded by degree?

Submitting the degree application indicates your intention to graduate by the expected date of degree completion. You are responsible for completing all graduation requirements in order to receive a degree from New Paltz. Therefore it is critical that you review your progress report for accuracy.  Meet with your advisor to make any amendments to correct information prior to the end of the semester of graduation.


Once we receive your application, we will review your academic record and compare it to the requirements listed on your progress report.  You can check the status of this review on Starfish.  We will indicate a green "kudos" for a successful review or list any missing requirement, "deficiency" that could prevent you from receiving your degree.

Immediately review to any graduation deficiency email you receive from Records & Registration. Contact your advisor to help you address any graduation deficiency.


Attending the graduation ceremony does not indicate that all requirements have been met. The degree will be conferred after all requirements have been satisfied.


The New Paltz transcript indicates all New Paltz degrees awarded along with majors or and minors completed.  The diploma is a certificate that notes the degree.