Records & Registration

FAQs for Undergraduate Students


  1. How do I know if I will be finishing all of my requirements during the semester I attend to graduate? You should review the progress report to make sure that ALL requirements show as completed or in-progress for completion. Contact your academic advisor to help make any necessary changes to address deficiencies. Students cannot graduate unless all courses are graded.
  2. The online application will not open? Online degree applications are only available to students with 25 credits or less remaining. This includes in-progress courses. If you already submitted the degree application, you will not be able to submit it again.
  3. What happens if I do not see all of my majors or applicable degrees listed on the online application? If you believe the information listed is incorrect, submit the online application anyway. Email Records & Registration to determine the necessary steps to correcting your student record.
  4. Can I change my graduation term? This can be changed by you before you submit the application. The next applicable graduation term will be indicated on the application. If the information is correct, make no changes. To change the term of degree completion, select the new term from the dropdown menu.
  5. How do I make changes once the application is submitted? Changes and corrections to the application can be made by contacting Records & Registration.
  6. What happens if I add a major or minor after I submit the degree application? Any late change to your records may delay your degree conferral and you may not be notified of any new deficiencies until we do a final record review.
  7. What happens if my degree application is submitted AFTER the posted deadline in the Academic Calendar? Since the application submission initiates a Records & Registration degree review, your record review will also be delayed, possibly affecting the actual date of degree conferral. Degree application submissions after April 1 will result in the omission of your name from the graduation ceremony program.
  8. I submitted my online application, what happens next? Once the application is submitted, Records & Registration will review the progress report to determine the student eligibility for degree conferral. You can check Starfish to see the tracking for graduation review to determine if you had a successful review with a green kudos star or if any missing requirements, “deficiencies” are listed. You will also be notified of any deficiencies by email. Failure to address deficiencies WILL result in a delay with degree completion. The actual degree conferral can only happen after all grades are in and requirements are met.