Records & Registration

How to elect the S/U option


  1. Go to > Registration > S/U grading option by December 1 for fall 2020 courses and April 29 for spring 2021 courses.
  2. You may apply up to two courses. (This is dependent on remaining allocation from fall 2020.)
  3. Your professor will grade your course normally and the “S “will be applied for all grades C- or above. The “U” is applied for grades below C-.  In either case, there is no impact on the GPA, Academic Standing or Latin Honors calculations.
  4. The progress report will reflect the application of the “S” grade(s) as meeting requirements.

Note that your professor does not know that the S/U option has been elected by you and cannot elect it on your behalf.  You must elect the S/U option by the deadline.