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Records & Registration

Thought You Finished Your Degree?

If you left New Paltz without 1) finishing your degree requirements; or 2) did not receive your degree because you did not file an Undergraduate Degree Application; or 3) you walked at commencement but have never received your diploma, you may need to apply for readmission in order to be considered for your bachelor's degree.  Contact the Office of Records and Registration to determine if you have indeed been granted your bachelor's degree.

If you have not been granted your degree because of any deficiencies, information on the undergraduate readmission and re-enrollment process can be found at www.newpaltz.edu/admissions/readmission.html.

Please be aware that there are time restrictions on obtaining undergraduate degrees as well as time restrictions on the efficacy of the major you were enrolled in and the courses taken. Information on those restrictions can be found at www.newpaltz.edu/admissions/readmission.html.

Any degree granted after readmission and re-enrollment will be dated for the graduation period when the degree was approved; the college cannot back date the graduation date or the diploma.


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