Records & Registration

Registration changes

Students can make changes to their registration according to the dates and deadlines as listed in the Academic Calendar. All changes must be completed during the add/drop period as listed on the academic calendar. 

Exceptions to making registration changes

  • No web schedule changes can be made during the registration moratorium
  • First semester freshmen cannot make registration changes without advisor permission
  • Some courses require permission for registration. See Schedule of Classes for specific details on prerequisites, course restrictions and instructor permission.


Dropping a course versus course withdrawal

Dropping a course is NOT the same as a course withdrawal. A course may be removed or dropped from registration and the academic record only during the specified times in the academic calendar.  Generally it must be done during the first two weeks of the semester.  There may be a fee associated with dropping a course.

course withdrawal is made by request of the student and requires review of the class instructor and student advisor.  A course withdrawal does NOT change registration status. When a withdrawal is complete, a W will appear as a grade for the course on the official transcript.  The course withdrawal period generally starts during week 3 through week 10 of the semester. The student will incur tuition liability for the course depending on the date of withdrawal.