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About the Psychology Undergraduate Program
(including information on disaster studies and evolutionary studies interdisciplinary minors)
Undergraduate Course Descriptions

Majors and Minors

Available Majors and Minors

Psychology Major 
Psychology Minor & I/O Minor
Psychobiology Concentration 
I/O Concentration 

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Psychology Major
Psychobiology Concentration
I/O Concentration

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Information for Transfer Students

Declaring a Major

To declare a major in psychology, students must:

  1. Complete Introductory Psychology (PSY272).
  2. Have at least a 2.75 GPA.
  3. Have a Math Placement Level (MPL) of 3 or higher.

A maximum of six transfer courses can be counted toward the major and at least five of psychology courses applied to the major must be taken at SUNY New Paltz.

Declaring a Minor

In order to declare a minor in psychology, students must complete Introductory Psychology (PSY272). A maximum of three transfer courses can be counted toward the minor. At least three psychology courses applied to the minor must be taken at SUNY New Paltz.

How To Declare

When you are ready to declare your major or minor, please see the undergraduate advising assistants in the Psychology Department main office (Wooster 361; office hours here). They will help you complete the Declaration of Major or Declaration of Minor form, which they will then forward to the Department Chair, who will sign it and return it to Records and Registration.

Advising Information

When you declare your major or minor, the undergraduate advising assistants will assign you an advisor from the psychology faculty. Your advisor is your "go to" person for advance registration and all other psychology-related advising issues throughout your time as a major or minor; most advising issues can be handled at the faculty advisor level. However, if your faculty advisor cannot address your issue, please see the undergraduate advisors, the chair, or the assistant chairs.

How do you know who your advisor is? Your advisor is listed on your progress report. To find out your advisor's contact information and office hours, see the Department Directory

Advising Videos

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