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Psychology Graduate Faculty Profiles & Web Sites


The following professors serve as core faculty in the Psychology Graduate Program:

  • Dr. Maryalice Citera
    Research Interests: industrial-organizational (I-O) psychology; emotions
  • Dr. Michael C. Gayle
    Research Interests: affect-related cognition; semantic organization; risk-taking behavior; and social cognition
  • Dr. Glenn Geher 
    Research Interests: factors affecting mate selection; subjective interpretations of romantic partners; role of motivation in partner perception; cognitive dissonance and physiology; self-monitoring and attitudes; mating intellgence
  • Dr. Giordana Grossi 
    Research Interests: human cognition; cognitive neuroscience of language; bilingualism; sex differences research; neurofeminism
  • Dr. Tabitha Holmes (Director, Psychology Graduate Program)
    Research Interests: parent-adolescent conflict; epistemological development; cultural influences on development; qualitative research
  • Dr. Alison Nash
    Research Interests: social relationships in infancy; social networks; gender socialization
  • Dr. Douglas C. Maynard
    Research Interests: game design and player experience; game-based learning; humanitarian work psychology
  • Dr. Corwin Senko
    Research Interests: achievement motivation and goal-setting processes; intrinsic motivation; students' learning strategies
  • Dr. Carol Vazquez
    Research Interests: psycholinguistics; autism and disability education; political psychology
  • Dr. Karla Vermeulen
    Research Interests: disaster mental health; persuasive communications; end-of-life issues
  • Dr. Navin Viswanathan
    Research Interests: speech perception and production; psycholinguistics of signed languages
  • Dr. Greta Winograd
    Research Interests: developmental psychopathology; longitudinal data analysis; predictors of mental health service use; interventions to reduce stigma towards individuals with mental illness; personality disorders


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