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School Counseling Practicum & Internship

The M.S. in School Counseling Program at the State University of New York at New Paltz is a 60 credit program that prepares students to be elementary, middle, and high school counselors. As an important component of their training, students complete two distinct clinical experiences while enrolled in the program:

  • Practicum: students will complete 100 hours of on-site training over the semester, with at least 40 of these hours being direct service working with students. For the duration of the semester, students will spend approximately 8-10 hours per week at their school counseling practicum site.

  • Internship: students are expected to complete 600 hours of training over the two semesters, with at least 240 of those hours being direct service to students. For 2 consecutive semesters students will spend approximately 20 hours per week at their school counseling internship site.

In order to best facilitate the learning experiences for students pursuing their M.S. in School Counseling, the following site expectations have been developed.

Each school counseling placement should provide students with opportunities to observe, co-facilitate, and lead various school counseling activities. Sample elementary school counseling activities include:

  • Collaborating with parents, teachers, and school administrators

  • Classroom Guidance Lessons

  • Evaluation of Classroom Guidance Lessons

  • Individual Counseling (academic, career, and personal/social-emotional)

  • Group Counseling

  • School-wide programming

  • Attending Child Study meetings

  • Participating in a Peer Mediation Program

  • Attending District-wide School Counselor Meetings

  • Participating in child study or school-based assessment team meetings


Current fieldwork placement opportunities include:

  • Arlington Central School District 

  • Beacon City School District 

  • Kingston City School District 

  • Marlboro Central School District 

  • New Paltz Central School District 

  • Pine Plains School District

  • Port Jervis City School District