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Counseling Graduate Faculty Profiles & Web Sites


The Counseling Graduate Program has five full-time core faculty members.

  • Dr. Michael C. Gayle
    Research Interests: affect-related cognition; semantic organization; risk-taking behavior; and social cognition
  • Dr. James Halpern (Director, Institute for Disaster Mental Health)
    Research Interests: disaster mental health; marriage and family counseling; defense mechanisms; intergenerational relationships and conflict
  • Dr. Melanie S. Hill (Director, Counseling Graduate Program)
    Research Interests: gender socialization; feminism; diversity; power and privilege; entitlement; body image
  • Dr. Jonathan D. Raskin 
    Research Interests: constructivism in counseling and psychotherapy; constructivist theory, research, and practice; stigma
  • Dr. Jonathan Rust 
    Research Interests: school counseling; group counseling and dynamics; multicultural counseling

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