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Graduate Assistantships and other Student Funding


Though all funding opportunities are on an invitation only basis, interested students are encouraged to communicate their interest in any or all of these positions to the Graduate Coordinator.

Teaching Assistanships. Teaching Assistantship (TA) positions are available to a limited number of students each year. Selection for these positions is competitive. Assistantship duties involve aiding faculty in teaching either undergraduate Psychological Statistics or Research Methods. The position entails a six-credit tuition waiver per semester plus a stipend. Current stipends are $2,500 per semester ($5,000 per academic year). Candidates for TA positions are chosen by the Graduate Coordinator in consultation with the Graduate Committee and the instructors who will be overseeing the TAs. Therefore, applications should be submitted on an invitation only basis.

Graduate Student Assistants. A Graduate Student Assistant (GSA) position includes general responsibilities in the Graduate Study Office assisting graduate students with the intricacies of the Department's two master's programs, as well as working on projects for the Graduate Coordinator. Currently, GSA employees are paid an hourly wage, which is determined each academic year. Candidates for GSA positions are chosen by the Graduate Coordinator. Therefore, applications should be submitted on an invitation only basis.

Other positions. The Career Resource Center, the Disability Resource Center, Academic Advising, and the Psychology Department all offer jobs to students in the Department's graduate programs. As with all funded positions in the department, applications are solicited on an invitation only basis, although students are encouraged to verbally inform the Graduate Study Office of their interest.

Scholarships. The New York Mental Health Counselors Association offers a Scholarship Award to outstanding graduates of counseling-related programs. The SUNY New Paltz Foundation also has scholarships, some of which may be appropriate for graduate students. Students conducting research should consider applying for a Research and Creative Projects grant from the Graduate School. More generally, Financial Aid has information on scholarships and loans.