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Process for Disseminating Departmental News

Psychology Department Processes for News Dissemination

Prepared by Glenn Geher, Department Chair
Last Updated Sept. 30, 2016

The Psychology Department is comprised of a scholarly community with many great academic outcomes - such as scholarly publications, grant acquisition, invitations to give addresses for external entities - and this is all not to mention the successes of alumni and students - such as admission to PhD programs, appointments in careers related to psychology, and so forth.

The Department has a multi-faceted set of processes for disseminating news - and please note that news from all members of our community is always welcome. Please note the following processes when you’ve got something great to share with the community!

  • Publications. Publications by faculty and students should be acknowledged. If you (or a student of yours) has a new publication, please follow the following steps:
    1. Please send a copy to the department secretary (who will share with the chair) and the dean; the copy to the dean will typically be presented in the glass cases in the JFT Lobby.
    2. You can submit a blurb about your publication to the university’s Communication and Marketing department by following the links to “submit news” in my.newpaltz.edu (under faculty resources)
    3. You can submit a blurb also to our Departmental Public Relations Officer (Joyce Akinmola (akinmolj1@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu)) who will disseminate via several routes (described below).
  • Conference Posters. The Psychology Department probably produces more research posters that are presented at conferences than does any other department. It’s a shame when these high-quality posters simply get put in a corner of a lab to collect dust. Feel free to put up posters from yourself or your students in the Wooster hallways on bulletin boards.
  • Departmental Public Relations Officer. For the past several years, we have had a designated PR officer - drawn from our great group of work-study students. Joyce Akinmola (akinmolj1@hawkmail.newpaltz.edu) is our current PR officer. Please submit news blurbs to Joyce as appropriate. Blurbs can include information about new publications, collaborative experiences with other universities, conference activities that include students, news about alumni, etc. Our PR officer takes this information (simply submitted to him via email) and does the following:
    1. emails to our full community via BlackBoard
    2. posts on our NP Psych Community Facebook site.
    3. emails the dean’s PR officer (currently Despina Williams) at lasnews@newpaltz.edu
    4. works with our departmental webmaster (currently Bobby Bui) to have this information uploaded to our News site.

  • Department Newsletter: The Self Monitor started in 2008. It is an annual publication of the department that highlights news of alumni, faculty, staff, and current students. This newsletter, edited by the Alumni Committee (currently Glenn and Karla), is published each summer and feedback on this publication has been consistently positive (and it has a broad readership). Each spring, we call for news items for the Self Monitor from all faculty - and students - and we often add information from our Departmental News site to the newsletter as well.

The Psychology Department at SUNY New Paltz is a remarkable academic community that produces great pieces of scholarship and amazing alumni who go on to help shape the world in positive ways. Please don’t be shy about helping get the word out about all the great work that we do!