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Provost Search

Search Committee and Timeline


The Search Committee

  • Michael Vargas (College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Department of History), co-chair
  • Maria Montserrat Gimeno (School of Fine and Performing Arts, Department of Music)
  • Jae-Joon Lee (School of Business)
  • Sue Books (School of Education, Department of Secondary Education)
  • Reena Dahle (School of Science and Engineering, Division of Engineering Programs)
  • Anne Balant (Organization Committee; Department of Communication Disorders)
  • Stephen Macaluso (Sojourner Truth Library)
  • Jennifer Wawrzonek (Professional Faculty; Undergraduate Admissions)
  • Shelly A. Wright (President’s Chief of Staff, Vice President for Communication), co-chair
  • Laura Barrett (Dean, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences)
  • Bruce Sillner (Dean, International Programs)
  • Linda Eaton (Associate Vice President for Student Affairs)
  • Tanhena Pacheco Dunn (Executive Director, Compliance and Campus Climate)
  • Terance Morgan (Student Member)


  • May 2015 - President Christian gives charge to search committee
  • Summer 2015
    • RFP issued for search consultant
    • Search firm Academic Search selected
  • Aug.-Sept. 2015 - Open sessions for all faculty/staff held with consulting firm
  • Oct. 2015 - Finalized ad and position profile posted publicly
  • Oct. - Dec. 2 2015 - Recruitment period for qualified candidates
  • Jan. 2016 - Semi-finalist interviews to be held at neutral site
  • Feb. 2016 - Finalist candidates to visit campus
  • Mar. 2016 - New Provost selected and appointed
  • Summer 2016 - New provost to begin employment at New Paltz