The Office of the President

Institutional Relationships



“In higher education, relationships are the coin of the realm…” Judith Block McLaughlin (1996)*

The multiple relationships that matter to an academic institution such as New Paltz are complex and diverse.  They include individuals and groups within and beyond the College.  They reflect the people and organizations upon whom we depend for our successes, and the many and diverse interests in the welfare and direction of the College.  Recognizing and enumerating these relationships helps us understand the multiple contexts in which the College functions, and the many people and groups whose support, interest, and influence we value.  Faculty, staff, and students represent key internal relationships, and, both individually and as groups, also influence and in some cases are responsible for important external relationships.  The President’s Office has responsibility for maintaining, cultivating, and enriching many of these ties, and more broadly for overseeing the quality and integrity of others. One goal of the president and senior leadership team is to bring people together in common cause to support the college and our mission.

*Leadership Transitions: The New College President ed. (1996), Director of the Higher Education Program at Harvard University Graduate School of Education