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Welcome to Pre-Health @ SUNY New Paltz

Pre-Med at New Paltz

SUNY New Paltz is a great place to prepare for a career in medicine.  We routinely place students in both MD and DO programs across the nation and our acceptance rates are above the national average.

There are no prescribed or proscribed disciplines for undergraduates who want to go to medical school.  You can major in absolutely anything.  Admissions committees look for a broad, rigorous, well-rounded education that includes science and math courses to prepare for the MCAT. Students major in a wide variety of disciplines ranging from the Natural Sciences to the Social Sciences and Humanities.  

All medical schools require 1 year of Freshman English, 1 year of Biology (2 semesters of General Bio), 2 years of Chemistry (4 semesters through Organic II), I year of Math (through calculus), and 1 year of Physics (2 semesters of Physics).  Some schools have additional requirements and the MCAT includes some introductory biochemistry as well as psychology and sociology, so classes in these subjects will be useful.  Upper division science electives with laboratories will demonstrate rigor as well as help prepare for the MCAT.

Everything you need to learn about the human organism will be taught in medical school. Courses such as undergraduate Human Biology, or Human Anatomy & Physiology do not provide any competitive advantage.  In fact, since most of these types of classes are either non-major GE courses or community college courses designed for nursing students and technicians, these courses may even detract from your credentials.

Your transcript and your MCAT are your most important credentials.  Consistent, high performance across disciplines, with high course loads and rigorous courses is the key requirement.  No amount of extra-curricular activities or glowing recommendations will make-up for poor grades or a mediocre score on the MCAT.

In addition, it is also important to demonstrate that you can do more than just get good grades.  You should also have a record of service, including some clinical experience, and show that you are an active part of your community (on campus and at home) and can be engaged on many fronts simultaneously.

New Paltz provides serious, qualified students with pre-medical advising.  Our pre-medical advisor is an MD as well as an alumnus of SUNY New Paltz. There are unofficial advising/information sessions for general interest as well as dedicated official pre-medical advising for students who have demonstrated that they can perform at a level commensurate with admissions requirements (GPA >= 3.50 and successful completion of Organic Chemistry II).

We encourage students who plan to pursue medicine to contact our pre-medical advisor early in their studies and to become familiar with the information in the Advising Guide.