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Physician Assistant

We do not have a PA or Pre-PA program at SUNY New Paltz.  Students do graduate from New Paltz and then go on to PA schools, but we do not have a pre-PA program or a PA school here.  If you are interested in getting a bachelors degree and then going to PA school, you could certainly do that at New Paltz, but I would recommend that you look into specific requirements (like clinical contact hours, etc) and thoroughly investigate what PA schools are looking for in terms of undergraduate preparation before you commit to any college.  I have very mixed feelings about official “pre-PA” majors — not sure there is any added intellectual heft or benefit.  You can major in Art History and go to PA school if that’s what interests you.  The important thing is to get excellent grades, have the clinical contact hours and take several pre-requisite courses (anatomy, physiology, etc). 
You should go to the AAPA Web Site and investigate the career requirements and pathways and get in touch with some prospective PA schools to see whether your college choices will satisfy their requirements.
There are other web sites for people interested in PA school, but the AAPA is the official PA professional web site.  Take everything else with a grain of salt.  Here is one that I have visited several times and seems worthwhile for students: https://www.mypatraining.com/the-pre-physician-assistant-major-choose-wisely/


More updated guides will be added soon.