Health Career Advisement Program

The NYIT-COM - SUNY-NP Seven Year Medical Program

The Dual Degree, 3+4 year Program

The New York Institute of Technology-College of Osteopathic Medicine/SUNY New Paltz seven year medical program is a dual degree program. Students are admitted only as freshmen and spend their first three years at New Paltz completing requirements for a BS degree in Biology (or Chemistry or Physics, with special permission from NYIT-COM) as well as general education requirements. At the end of the three years they enter NYIT-COM as a first year medical school student. After their first year in medical school, they will receive credit for two semesters of science electives and are then awarded the B.S. degree in their major from SUNY-NP. Upon the successful completion of their four years of medical school, they then receive the D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) degree from NYIT-COM. This is a rigorous dual degree program and requires hard work, dedication and determination. [Check the pre-DO program policies for further details of the program.] Application to this program is handled at the time of initial application to SUNY New Paltz. Contact the Office of Admissions for information. Pre-D.O. Students at SUNY New Paltz

As soon as you matriculate at SUNY-NP, you must begin to take the required science courses for entrance to NYIT-COM. Your entrance requirments are typical of those for any medical school applicant (see PreHealth Academic Requirements) but unlike most other medical school applicants, your entrance to professional school is nearly guaranteed as long as you:

  • Maintain a cummulative GPA of 3.50 (NOTE the significant digits).
  • Pass a personal interview by NYIT-COM faculty.
  • Receive a favorable Composite Letter of Recommendation from the SUNY-NP BS/DO director.
  • Receive an MCAT score of at least the average score of the entering NYIT-COM class the semester you matriculate at New Paltz (for Fall 2015, that score was 504).

You must finish all of the required pre-requisite courses for NYIT-COM and take the MCAT and submit your application to AACOMAS before the Fall of your third year here at New Paltz. It is most important that you prepare for the MCAT during the spring semester of your second year. In addition to the traditional areas of Biology and Physical Sciences (Chemistry and Physics), the new MCAT (2015) tests in the areas of Biochemistry, Statistical Inference, Psychology, Sociology and Humanities. Note that you must finish all core courses in your major as well as ALL of your general education requirements within three years (before you go to medical school).

For this 3+4 (BS/DO) program, you do NOT have to complete all of the major before you leave New Paltz -- we transfer back the remaining credits from your first successful year in medical school to complete your undergraduate degree. However, that tends to restrict your major to one of the following: Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, or Bio-psychology.

If you are so inclined, it is possible to follow the BA in Biology track, which will require that you have a Minor in another discipine (usually outside of the natural sciences).